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Supporting local businesses this English Tourism Week

This week marks the arrival of English Tourism Week (22nd-31st May 2021), an annual celebration that’s been created to highlight our wonderful national destinations, alongside the importance of English tourism in its contribution to the UK’s economy (generating £100 billion a year and a suggested 2.6M jobs in 2019 alone). Led by VisitEngland, English Tourism Week will inspire countless individuals to enjoy all that the UK has to offer, including Southend-on-Sea’s glorious collection of local businesses, amusements and, of course, iconic seafront and pier. We are delighted to support our BID members throughout English Tourism Week, an inevitably busy and exciting time for local businesses.

Whether you’re hoping to enjoy a weekend away, day out with your children or relaxing lunch whilst surrounded by a welcoming and bubbly atmosphere, Southend-on-Sea has something for everyone. Our community will undoubtedly become a highlight of English Tourism Week as BID businesses like Adventure Island, Focal Point Gallery and Caddies capture visitors’ imaginations. Meanwhile, our local hotels, including the Park Inn, Gleneagles Guesthouse and the Travelodge offer a comfortable base for those hoping to extend their Southend-on-Sea visits. We are incredibly excited to see the week unfold and will be proactively supporting our BID members’ success through our platforms and our Street Rangers will be on hand to visit businesses and offer hands-on support when needed.

As Monday 31st May 2021 also marks a bank holiday celebration, we encourage everyone to continue socialising, shopping and dining in accordance with government guidelines; our town will be particularly busy making vigilance a leading priority. Moreover, we must continue to be patient and respect workers as they re-adapt to their retail and hospitality environments. English Tourism Week will highlight the importance of supporting local businesses which is fantastic, but we must do this with care and due diligence, following any and all safety measures businesses have in place.

If you are choosing to visit Southend-on-Sea this week, our BID members will be thrilled to welcome you. Please check all travel restrictions beforehand, ensure you’re aware of every establishments’ regulations prior to visiting and continue to embrace our fun, outdoor amenities; a trip to Adventure Island with fish and chips on the beach promises to make for safe, unforgettable memories.


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