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defining the vision and making

things happen

The initial phase of the BID has concentrated on building a strong framework for environmental improvements and economic growth. Going forward, we will define our vision for the town’s future and empower the activity that will achieve that vision.

Shaking Hands

strategic leadership

With valuable input from businesses and other stakeholders, we can provide firm focus and inspirational thought leadership. As well as playing a key role in shaping the Southend-on-Sea proposition, we will consult with BID members to define and implement an effective place management and marketing strategy.


selling the sizzle

Southend combines retail, commercial and leisure attractions so there’s a golden opportunity to create a compelling narrative, based around news and events throughout the year. We'll collaborate with organisations and individuals in the local community and beyond  to ensure we take full advantage of the marketing potential.

Networking Event

getting together

Promoting business networking and cooperation is fundamental to our ethos. Businesses will continue to have many opportunities to engage with colleagues from across the Southend-on-Sea  business community.

Variety of Coins

promoting investment

Continued economic growth is dependent upon  creating a thriving commercial environment that encourages expansion and diversification. We'll do everything to encourage inward investment, working closely with Southend Borough Council’s Economic Development Team, Southend Business Partnership and other organisations.


staying in touch

As well as annual planning sessions with BID businesses, regular updates will be provided via various communications channels including printed newsletters, a levy leaflet and social channels.

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