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Search for local artists and the town’s shining star this Christmas

w/c 20th September 2021

At Southend BID we are set to host twelve exciting events this Christmas as part of our festive offerings. This includes an art trail throughout the town, local performers showcasing their talents and an inspiring ‘shining star’ campaign; all of which will centre around the exceptional people and talented artists who reside in Southend-on-Sea, showcasing our community’s generosity, selflessness and brilliance.

This shining star campaign will mark the beginning of our ’12 events of Christmas’ and we are honoured to be bringing such a heartfelt project to the town. Southend BID will be celebrating incredible local residents who have done something outstanding over the course of the past year; they may have cared for a loved one during the pandemic for example, or have worked tirelessly to support a Southend-based charity. Any admirable achievement can be recognised – absolutely nothing is off limits.

On the 20th November, at our VIP launch night, Southend’s official shining star will be named. Meanwhile, all nominees will receive a prestigious spot on our ‘wall of fame’ on Southend High Street. Their fantastic achievements will become the focal point of the evening, whilst setting the tone for our upcoming events.

The entire Southend BID committee were determined to highlight the admirable residents who form part of our community. The Covid-19 pandemic has left many locals feeling isolated and somewhat lost; we hope that by sharing these spectacular stories, we can bring the town together and remind every member of our community that we are all capable of greatness.

Following this, from the 20th November to the 24th December, we will be hosting a fantastic art trail throughout Southend-on-Sea. We are currently calling for local artists to be involved with this project, having their unique creations included in our displays. This art trail has a theme of ‘light up Southend’, as such every participating artist will be encouraged to do just that; creating a piece of artwork that reflects and celebrates light in some way. This needn’t be through the specific medium of light itself however – any type of art is welcome.

Southend-on-Sea is known to be a creative, eclectic and unique town; by incorporating the work of local artists and performers in our Christmas events, we hope to emphasise this and further position Southend as a hustling, bustling and exciting place to be. We are forward-thinking and innovative, things we’re confident this art trail will showcase.

We are delighted that these events will attract more visitors, garnering invaluable footfall for local businesses. This is our mission over coming months; to support their post-pandemic recovery by overseeing positive, uplifting events. However, we are also committed to protecting our community and Southend’s environment.

Send your applications or nominations through to and find out more about these call outs on


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