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ensuring southend-on-sea offers

a brilliant experience

A key aim of the BID is to make Southend-on-Sea town centre and seafront an inspiring, welcoming and  safe place to visit for shopping, leisure or a night out. We will continue to focus on place management initiatives to help improve the look and feel of all public spaces.


street art

High-quality street art not only engages and delights residents and visitors, it also helps inspire community pride and spirit. Talented local artists will be commissioned to provide eye-catching installations throughout the town centre.

Rangers Laughing.jpg

street rangers

Our Street Ranger team has extensive knowledge of Southend’s town centre and seafront and of those who live and work here. The team continue to be a priority for our BID members, with 92% of respondents to our 2020 survey saying they are an important BID deliverable. Their job is hugely varied and can include assisting with shoplifting incidents, graffiti removal, visitor queries, first aid and more. 


keeping together

Evolving from the ChildSafe scheme, these wristbands have been highly successful in giving parents or carers of children and vulnerable adults the confidence that Southend-on-Sea is a safe, family-friendly environment. Find out about more over on Visit Southend


looking good

We will continue to do everything we can to improve and maintain the town centre and seafront environment, including planting, tackling graffiti and bunting. Additional ideas include a summer anti-litter campaign on social media and litter picking ambassadors.


staying safe

Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour will continue to be a high priority. We will maintain our membership of the DISC scheme and are also supporting initiatives, such as the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign, the Night Time Economy economy for businesses across the borough and support the Southend Puwatch scheme. 


rough sleepers

We will continue to work with local charities and other welfare organisations to explore long-term solutions to tackle rough sleeping and street drinking. We will encourage visitors and residents not to hand over cash to these individuals but instead to make a donation to the charity. Find out more on our Make a Change website.

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