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Southend BID sponsor this year’s Southend-on-Sea Film Festival

At Southend BID we are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring this year’s Southend-on-Sea Film Festival. Taking place from the 16th – 19th September, visitors will be welcome to view a wide range of iconic films whilst soaking up everything that our beloved town has to offer.

More specifically, we are official sponsors of the ‘Essex Connections’ film which will be screening at 1:30pm on Saturday 18th September. This was a considered choice for our committee; the film focuses on famous film stars who have lived in Essex and we are incredibly proud to be supporting such a meaningful, localised piece of art. At Southend BID we are committed to highlighting everything that makes Southend great and we truly believe the Southend-on-Sea Film Festival, and this film particularly, will do just that.

This year’s Southend-on-Sea Film Festival is the twelfth of its kind and we are incredibly excited to be propelling its success; following the pandemic, we know our community will be eager to once again enjoy the renowned event. With an unusual mix of classic movies, new features and world cinema on offer, alongside thought-provoking heritage presentations, there is something suited to every visitor and local resident alike. As Southend is such a diverse, eclectic community, this is something we feel is particularly important.

Alongside this exciting film collection, there are a range of other enjoyable activities and offerings for attendees to immerse themselves in; from a cult night film show to an open day at the Cinema Theatre Association Archive, this will prove to be an unforgettable series of events for movie lovers.

Opening and closing galas will also be held to celebrate the commencement and end of this popular event. The festival’s closing gala is set to be held in the Park Inn by Radisson Palace Hotel’s ballroom, with tickets starting at just £9. Airing the iconic film ‘Killing Dad’, this will be a fantastic opportunity for visitors to see the Palace Hotel’s late 1980’s beauty (as it’s featured in the film), alongside spectacular views of Southend’s seafront. We hope lots of visitors and residents alike will embrace this opportunity and enjoy an event that’s excitingly being attended by the film’s co-star, Jonny Phillips.

Meanwhile, our street strangers will continue to patrol Southend-on-Sea seven days a week, ensuring these celebrations are enjoyed safely whilst our town remains clean and protected. This film festival, we hope, will bring happiness and entertainment to the town; for this to be achieved, security and consideration needs to be prioritised.

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