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Southend-on-Sea’s local businesses receive tremendous community support as restrictions are eased

On Monday 17th May official Covid-19 restrictions were once again eased, permitting the re-opening of more Southend-on-Sea businesses. Hospitality venues are now able to welcome customers indoors, households can mix inside leisure venues (in accordance with government guidelines) and retailers have continued to welcome excited customers. This is incredibly significant for Southend-on-Sea and our BID businesses who have eagerly anticipated such positive progress.

We are thrilled to have seen this announcement attract Southend-on-Sea locals to our High Street and seafront, with BID members receiving fantastic support from members of our community. Moreover, we are proud to have seen such a wide variety of local businesses reopen this week; from The Pipe of Port which is famous for its wonderful selection of wines and homemade pies to The Royal Hotel and Caddies Crazy Golf, our BID members are once again proving that Southend-on-Sea has something for everyone, making it an ideal travel destination this summer.

Meanwhile, we have seen shoppers and diners act respectfully and in accordance with all official guidelines, making this a smooth transition for business owners who have experienced an incredibly difficult year. We are confident that our local economy will recover with our community’s popularity, spirit and patience knowing no bounds.

It’s important that this sensibility is continued moving forward. Southend Council’s Director of Health, Krishna Ramkhelawon, has said that close contact with others still carries a risk of potentially spreading the virus. We must be vigilant whilst supporting the recovery of our local economy, which is of course highly important to every Southend-on-Sea resident, and remember that there are necessary safety measures we must all consistently adhere to. For example, if you’re dining inside you must wear a face covering when you’re not seated and contact details are required for Track and Trace protocols.

Southend BID remains committed to supporting every BID business throughout this period of transition. Whilst hotels welcome staycation visitors, family and friends come to visit Southend-on-Sea residents, indoor leisure resumes, arcades reopen their doors and more, our projects will support BID members’ success. For example, we will continue to work with partners on the Visit Southend website and platforms to promote all that our town and businesses have to offer.

We look forward to seeing Southend-on-Sea flourish throughout the summer months and wish every success to all the BID members that have been able to resume business after a long period of anticipation and uncertainty. This is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the Southend-on-Sea community.


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