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We all love southend

and want to see it succeed

The BID team is here to work with you to keep Southend’s profile bang up to date as a shopping, holiday, cultural and community town. We all need our anchor and destination businesses, but we are particularly proud that over half our members are proud independents and they get our full attention.


Networking and promoting Southend as a key place to invest and ‘do business’,  as well as marketing Southend as a vibrant place to live, work and visit.


Increased promotion by boosting our Visit Southend marketing campaign across all our social media channels and linking to the ‘Visit Southend’ website where all businesses can directly target their services to the consumer, to promote and showcase what is on offer in Southend; along with improved communications to our BID members with a revised BID website, for greater information and transparency.


Continued provision of Christmas Lights and Festivities. Enhanced support with social media and marketing for our BID members’ events within the town centre.

Assisting a new partnership with Visit Southend to help brand, market and promote Southend nationally as a Key Visitor Destination, along with continued regional town centre marketing, focused on building brand loyalty for repeat business.


Southend BID are heavily focused on reducing crime and creating a more welcoming and safer Southend by working alongside the police and agencies.


Part of the Street Ranger's role is to engage with businesses and assist with visitor enquiries. They too have access to DISC and a direct link with the policing team, services that are both promoted via the BID.


Representing the private sector voice to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, on  works and services and working closely with Essex Chamber of Commerce & Industry on matters concerning policy and planning through forums, meetings and steering groups.


There is also a direct relationship with a wide range of BID businesses to ensure their voices and concerns are heard. This is vital in shaping future plans and providing valuable insight and inspiration.

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