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Let It Sparkle

w/c 26th October 2020

I always consider the unofficial kick off to the festive season to be the day that the clocks go back. It starts to get darker earlier, you need more layers before even considering leaving the house and it’s completely necessary to eat more chocolate, drink more tea and have heartier meals.

Following this though, the official kick start to the season is always the day of the Southend lights switch on event which usually happens in mid-November. If this was a normal year we’d currently be crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s on our plans for Southend BID to bring a full day of free entertainment for thousands of residents and visitors to enjoy.

However, this is not a normal year and the event, as previously announced, is not taking place in 2020. It is a huge disappointment to everyone but public safety has to be the priority.

But that’s not to say that Christmas is cancelled. Just because we cannot hold an event that does not mean our High Street illuminations will not be sparkling into life. I am happy to let you know that this week we had our twinkling lights installed in preparation for switching them on next month. And we will soon be having our beautiful 40 foot Christmas tree in position too.

So, shop Southend this gifting season and as you work your way down your present list or meet up with friends for a drink or bite to eat, you’ll be able to enjoy the festive atmosphere that our lights, tree and businesses all bring.

Our local businesses have plenty on offer for gifts or a day out with friends. For more information about what’s on in town this festive period, head to, like the Facebook page VisitSouthendonSea or follow @VisitSouthend on Twitter.


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