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Celebrating the easing of restrictions whilst working to help keep locals and visitors safe

w/c 19th July 2021

From Monday 19th July restrictions were officially eased across the country; for the Southend community this has come as a welcomed sign of progress for many, whilst others remain a little apprehensive about our return to normality. At Southend BID we are doing all that we can to ease this transition, keeping locals and visitors alike safe through our collaboration with Essex Police and Southend BID’s partners, collaboratively creating a safer Southend.

We will continue to join forces through our ‘Keeping Together’ safety scheme which was first launched in July 2013; since then, the initiative has distributed over 100,000 wristbands to children and vulnerable adults. This summer is no different, locals and tourists alike will be able to collect wristbands from 30 participating local businesses, writing their contact details on bands belonging to their children or vulnerable adults in their care. In doing so, we are helping families and groups to stay connected and settled as Southend-on-Sea once again becomes a community hub and popular staycation destination.

Additionally, we will be joining the Essex Police’s Operation Union weekly partnership meetings, working alongside organisations and businesses throughout Southend to increase the visibility of safety resources and ensure that every visitor feels safe and welcomed in our town.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to work alongside Essex Police’s Business Crime Team on their ‘Open for Business, Closed for Crime’ initiative, offering proactive support to retail workers by preventing in-store abuse and altercations. Similarly, our dedicated Street Rangers remain equally committed to supporting Southend-on-Sea residents and businesses; whilst lots of restrictions have been relaxed, it’s important to still adhere to any rules that any businesses still have in place and remain vigilant and considerate of others. Our Street Rangers, alongside every Southend BID business, are collaboratively helping to spread this message.

With this easing of restrictions, we would like to congratulate the businesses that have at long last been able to re-open their doors; they have faced a long, difficult period of uncertainty and this will come as a much-needed reprieve. We have complete confidence in their ability to monitor the number of guests inside their establishments, operating smartly and compassionately.

Over coming months, I am incredibly excited to see Southend bring happiness to its visitors. I equally trust in Southend’s community and our demonstrated ability to be restrained, patient and, most importantly, kind. With this in mind, I feel the next few months will be an uplifting period for the entire town.

To find out more about our ‘Keeping Together’ scheme head to the Visit Southend website where you can find a list of all participating businesses.


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