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A direct link to Southend’s crime reduction database can be found here. DISC is a secure, member’s only database designed to share valuable data and provide awareness amongst individuals or organisations whom share a common purpose. It is used widely across the UK to ultimately reduce the levels of crime and anti-social behaviour relating to both day and night time economy.  It is beneficial not only to you as a business but the police, local social services and wider community to encourage greater participation and engagement. DISC also provides police alerts and includes details of prolific or targeted persons, images for identification purposes and procedure documents, as well as ensuring users have access to the most relevant information, including news and events.

In addition to this, the Street Ranger team participate in a Community Safety briefing every morning to share sensitive details across all groups.

If you require reset of your password or are accessing the website for the first time, click here.

For help with logging in, click here.

For further information, email


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