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Southend Business Against Crime Meeting - September 23

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Many thanks to those attended the Business Against Crime meeting.

Minutes and Actions from the last meeting

  • No actions to update.

Southend City BID Crime and Safety Updates

  • Street Ranger stats for August – September to date (% indicates change versus full months of June and July): Visitor enquiries - 612 (10.9%), Business crime incidents - 239 (-2.0%), Unlicensed events / buskers - 7 (-30.0%), Rough sleeper engagement / begging incidents - 151 (42.5%), Anti-social behaviour - 197 (34.0%), First Aid - 16 (-20.0%).

  • A 5% decline in recovery of stolen good versus previous two months - £13,219.51 recovered. Awaiting update on three dates of dates, expect this to level out.

  • Street Ranger Andrew received a personal recognition award at the CSAS (Police Safety Accreditation Scheme) Awards day for outstanding contributions to the city. Andrew has been with the BID for ten years, well deserved.

  • Positive results of the Safer Action Business day which focused on understanding and deterring youth ASB:

o 18 partners joined the day

o 33 businesses visited to discuss youth ASB issues

o 86 young people engaged with

o 1 individual caught carrying cannabis

o Information provided to businesses on campaigns, encouragement to report non urgent crimes via 101 online or phone

  • Two Street Rangers completed necessary SIA training this month.

  • Following a committee restructure a new Southend City BID Safety Advisory Committee has been set up. BID members are encouraged to join.

Southend Police Team Update

  • Op Union feedback really positive. Comment that notable difference to BID zone with majority of town centre team being maintained in the centre.

  • Op Staghound (Youth ASB, and violence and disorder) – renewed focus for different group. Looking into certain individuals, no tolerance: behave or they will be pursued through the courts.

  • Op Safer Space – good feedback and will be continued through key dates such as university welcome week, big events and pay day weekends.

  • Boots on the Ground meeting will be taking place within the next month.

  • Op Raker really focusing on prolific offenders that target High Street across Southend. Targets are identified through data and stats – need reports. Two PCs ringfenced for this activity.

  • Comment made that the DISC exclusion scheme project being worked on through the BID, all BID members can have access to the system even if not hiring a radio (shop safe).

  • Bike patrols planned with a view of targeted ASB that has been reported from certain groups.

  • Shift changes from 1st October. Change will consolidates shifts so there are more officers available and present in the city centre on certain days/times which will increase effectiveness and outcomes.

Police Business Crime Team Update

  • Campaign with co-op around thefts in stores, good example of what they are trying to do with other businesses.

  • Crucial to report incidents and offenders, no report, no consequence.

  • A project to get offenders named so more people know and cannot breach any CBOs, etc.

  • Op Raker working well, just need more incidents reported rather than hearsay.

Community Safety Updates

  • Op Community bike days seen many FPNs issued and team have seen a reduction in this activity following the days.

  • Issue with some groups drinking at the top end of the High Street is reducing and one person has been issued a CBO. Comments on this still being an issue, and frequently seen. Police Sergeant raised that Op Episode will focus on reducing this activity at the top end of town and at certain car parks.

  • No further issues reported around Church Road disturbances.


  • University highlighted that main university arrivals will occur this weekend 30th, 1st and 2nd) and an open day planned on 14th October – both events will see a large influx of people. Freshers fayre on in Elmer Square next week (4th October).

  • Comment around the positive feedback that was received for the college and the support they give, and safety perceptions.

  • Query about resources put on to support safety for the fireworks nights. Police and Community Safety both confirmed shifts will cover these evenings for extra resources, and CCTV van will be present.

  • Other questions / comments raised throughout.

Next meeting: Wednesday 22nd November at 3pm. Email to attend or provide feedback.


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