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10 seafront firework displays proposed for this autumn.

w/c 09 August 2021

Every year Southend BID host firework displays across the town’s iconic seafront. Last year however, with Covid-19 restrictions in place, these events were not permitted. As a result, Southend’s beloved firework displays were temporarily put on hold. Thankfully, with restrictions now easing, we are planning to bring our renowned fireworks back with a bang; we have applied for 10 potential displays to run from Saturday 2nd October – Saturday 4th December, reigniting this popular celebration.

At Southend BID we recognise how valued our annual firework displays are, not only because they’re fun, exciting events, but because they bring invaluable footfall to Southend-on-Sea. After a difficult year for businesses, and as they now navigate their post-pandemic recovery, this footfall has never been more crucial. It’s this that’s inspired us to host more fireworks than ever before (in years gone by we would have hosted an average of 7 displays); we want to amplify their success and give a boost to our Southend-on-Sea community as we now return to normality.

Our ability to host additional events is thanks to the Government Welcome Back Fund; this has allowed us to invest more heavily into our annual displays. Meanwhile, local business Dynamic Fireworks supply and sponsor our events, whilst we use Mike’s Boatyard for the barge from which our fireworks are fired. Southend-on-Sea’s fireworks are a collaborative effort, bringing the community together in every possible sense. Following months of struggle and isolation for many, this is wonderful to see.

We expect to receive a response to our proposal following a Safety Advisory Group meeting next week, after which time we will share further details. In the meantime, we would like to reassure the public that our fireworks use biodegradable alternatives such as card or compressed paper instead of plastic and metal components where possible; approximately 95% of the debris that would be dispersed during our firework displays are biodegradable. Meanwhile, we will work to ensure that our seafront remains clean and protected following each display.

I am thrilled to be part of a town that finds such joy in these events. I have every confidence in their ability to benefit local businesses greatly, whilst bringing smiles to the faces of locals and tourists alike. At Southend BID our goal is to protect and enrich the local community; hosting inspiring events that leave people feeling united, happy and supported is always a great place to start.


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