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The Recovery Continues

w/c 6 July 2020

The Collins Dictionary defines a pub as “a building where people can have drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, and talk to their friends”. And last weekend I experienced the simple pleasure of doing just that after over three months of closures.

Others savoured the taste of their beloved dish at their favourite restaurant. Many were first in line to get a much needed chop at the barbers and then some were keen to pack up for a relaxing weekend getaway.

However you chose to enjoy part two of the grand reopening you would have witnessed a different world to that of pre March. Eager to welcome you back but with a priority on staff and customer safety you would have seen dividing screens, additional cleaning routines, protective equipment, dedicated zones for certain activities and reduced visitor capacities. The guidelines for reopening were extensive and it was no mean feat to implement them but our Southend businesses have done a fantastic job.

At Southend BID we have been working alongside our partners on a Strategic Group for Reopening and I’m proud of the work that has been put in to ensure each step of reopening has been a success. As a group we have worked together quickly and effectively to create signage to reiterate distancing guidelines, increase safety measures, implemented ‘welcome back’ marketing, provided business support and there is still more to come as we continue to safely re-emerge from lockdown.

Recent results from Centre for Cities suggests Southend is well set towards recovery as lockdown continues to ease which is a positive indication that the actions taken over the last few months have worked well. As more businesses start to re-open we must help them remain open by adhering to their well-considered plans for safety and distancing. It is only with us all working together and supporting our local businesses that we as a town can fully recover.

- Suzanne Gloyne


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