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Outside the Tier

w/c 19th October 2020

Last week I visited the city of York. The trip had been planned a couple of months prior as an opportunity to meet with my friend who I had not seen in over twelve months, something that all of us have experienced this year.

A day before my trip however it was revealed that York would be moving into tier two on Saturday whilst we in Southend remained in tier one. Our plans would have been fine as we were meeting on the Friday but we decided to take the sensible decision and cancel our dinner to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

The essential change in moving from tier one to tier two is the social contact. In an indoor setting those in tier two must only socialise with their own household or support bubble, even if they visit a tier one location. So if you have friends or family in Hockley, they cannot meet up with you inside at a pub in Southend.

Businesses still remain open whether you are in a tier one or a tier two area, and sticking to these rules will help stop the spread of COVID-19 so they can continue to remain ‘open’. My husband and I still enjoyed our time in York. Like in Southend everyone wore their masks in all of the necessary settings, most shops and restaurants provided hand sanitiser upon entry, there were capacity restrictions everywhere, and seating was spaced out.

In Southend the council and police are increasing their business checks to ensure the correct measures are in place and are taking the appropriate enforcement action against those not adhering to the safety rules. So you can be assured that Southend businesses are safe to visit and that just because there are rules does not mean that there is no fun to be had.

Today we have launched our second Southend Cocktail Week and until Sunday 1st November you can nab yourself a signature cocktail at our participating venues such as Caddies, Revolution or Salsa, for the bargain price of £5. Head to to find out more about the ten day self-guided trail and check out the delicious drinks on offer.


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