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Meet a member of Southend BID’s Street Ranger team: Josh.

w/c 26th July 2021

At Southend BID, we are committed to protecting and enhancing Southend-on-Sea. Every BID business shares our values and we work collectively to maintain Southend’s safe atmosphere and beautiful scenery. I am incredibly proud to say that this includes our dedicated team of Street Rangers. They help to prevent and address crime, littering and anti-social behaviour throughout Southend, using their familiarity with the area to protect locals and tourists alike.

Throughout the pandemic, and during lockdowns, our Street Rangers continued to help keep our streets Covid-secure, safe and clean, whilst supporting local businesses’ efforts to do the same. Their dedication was unwavering and as restrictions are now lifting, they continue to support workers, locals and visitors, easing our community back into ‘normal life’.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Southend’s community to Josh, an enthusiastic member of the team who’s worked tirelessly to fulfil his duties, going above and beyond for the good of Southend-on-Sea. His work is to be commended and I’m delighted that locals can get to know him as he continues to be a friendly and helpful face throughout the town.

Josh has now been a Southend BID Street Ranger for two years and he thoroughly enjoys his role. When asked what his favourite part of the job is, he said: “Helping people through difficult, stressful situations is the most rewarding part of the job. For example, supporting searches for missing children, responding to reported shop thefts and communicating with rough sleepers. Our role is so important so I take great pride in what we do.” As a Southend local, Josh’s favourite part of our town is the beachfront and pier, whilst the positive feedback he’s received from countless businesses is one of his proudest achievements – he feels that he’s proactively contributing to the town he calls home and for this reason, he hopes to be a Street Ranger for years to come.

When not working, Josh enjoys relaxing at home with a delicious glass of wine, working out at his local gym and gaming with friends. He is setting a stellar example for other young people and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board.

Meanwhile, I would like to remind those visiting Southend-on-Sea that our ‘Keeping Together’ wristband scheme is now active throughout the town. By visiting the Visit Southend website, you can find a list of all participating businesses. From there, we welcome you to get a wristband and stay connected with any children or vulnerable adults in your care.


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