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It's a Phase

w/c 25 May 2020

Amidst the controversy that surrounded central Government this week there was also confirmation that we would be moving into phase two of the COVID-19 recovery plan including timings for when businesses can start to reopen. Outdoor markets and car showrooms can now open from the 1st June followed by non-essential retail, such as clothing, toy and furniture stores, from the 15th June.

The announcement was followed shortly by new guidance for shops and branches which detailed what measures any business will need to take before they can reopen. These measures included risk assessments to understand and minimise any COVID-19 risks, increasing handwashing and surface cleaning, establishing working teams to reduce the number of people in contact with each person, reducing congested areas and so on.

Employees and customers should be reassured that businesses are working hard to prepare their stores to guarantee the highest level of safety and cleaning procedures are in place in accordance to this guidance, and stores will not be opening until they are ready. This may mean that we see stores deciding to open later than the dates outlined but this will be to ensure they are comfortable that they the right procedures are in place to minimise any risks.

In the meantime Southend BID is a part of a Southend stakeholder group that is looking into relaxation measures across the town for a coordinated, safe approach as more businesses begin to open. A working group has been developed looking at guidance, support areas, communications and access across the town.

Be assured that partners and businesses are working together and we are making sure everything is in place to welcome you back, safely.

- Suzanne Gloyne


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