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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

It's Pancake Day on Tuesday 25 February! To celebrate we have some interesting facts about our favourite foodie day, along with a traditional Pancake recipe and some great Southend businesses offering delicious pancakes for you to try - or buy to make at home!


Pancakes were invented as a way to use up eggs and fat.

The record for the highest pancake toss is an incredible 31ft 1 inch! Considering the average 2 bedroom house is 13 ft. tall that’s an extraordinary toss!

The largest pancake ever made was a whopping 15 meters!

On Pancake Day we consume enough milk to fill 93 Olympic swimming pools!

Back in 2012, Sheffield earned the Guinness World Record for the most people tossing pancakes - an impressive 890 people!


Pancakes are traditionally made with eggs, flour and milk and below we have a super easy recipe so you can try them at home;

100g plain flour

1tsp of oil, vegetable or sunflower

2 large eggs

300ml of milk

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and whisk into a smooth batter

  2. Set a medium sized frying pan over a medium heat and add a little oil or cooking spray

  3. When hot, add your batter – a ladle is great for thin pancakes

  4. After one minute turn over your pancakes, or toss them

  5. Leave for another minute or until golden brown and then serve with your choice of toppings


Classic caster sugar and fresh lemon juice

Maple or golden syrup

Vanilla Ice cream & strawberries

Nutella & Banana

Fancy something savoury? Why not try them with smoked Salmon & cream cheese or use them as a wrap and fill with cooked mushrooms, garlic and brie.

You can pick up your ingredients and maybe a pre-mix at one of Southend’s great stores;

Marks and Spencer – 56 High Street, SS1 1JX

Sainsbury’s – 45 London Road, SS1 1PL

Tesco Express – Royals Shopping Centre, SS1 2DG

Iceland – 4-9 York Road, SS1 2BH

Don’t forget to buy a non-stick frying pan if you haven’t already got one. You can pick them up here;

Argos – 45 London Road, SS1 1PL

Wilko’s – Victoria Shopping Centre, SS2 5SP

TK Maxx – Royals Shopping Centre, SS1 1DF

Debenhams – Royals Shopping Centre, SS1 1DF

Don’t want to risk your pancakes landing on the floor or sticking to the ceiling? Then why not visit some of our fantastic eateries offering you the tastiest pancakes with the best toppings;

The Last Post – Western Esplanade, SS1 1AS

Either enjoy with maple syrup, bacon & blueberries or as part of their popular American breakfast with eggs, hash browns and sausages

Creams – London Road, SS1 1NT

Delicious crepes with a variety of toppings to suit all tastes. Why not try their Banoffee crepe with sliced banana, toffee sauce & icing sugar or their Crepe-au-Oreo; Oreo gelato, white chocolate sauce and crumbled Oreos

Tomassi’s – High Street, SS1 1JE

Exquisite New England pancakes served with maple syrup, ice cream and whipped cream -à

McDonald's – High Street, SS1 1JX & SS1 1JF

3 golden pancakes served with maple syrup, fancy something more savoury? Why not order their pancakes with sausage & syrup

Molo Lounge – High Street, SS1 1LL

Molo offer scrumptious buttermilk pancakes served with Greek yoghurt, berry compote and banana or smoked streaky bacon & maple syrup. Still hungry? Why not order their diner brunch, 3 pancakes served with bacon, syrup, BBQ beans, mini hash browns and 2 fried eggs

MadHatters Tea Room – Queens Road, SS1 1LU

Here you can sample some great toppings to complement their homemade buttermilk pancakes. From Hot apple crumble & clotted cream to blueberries, honey and yoghurt

We hope you enjoy Pancake Day 2020 and don't forget to show us your pancake skills, creations or dine out pictures from our Southend businesses - just post them on our Facebook & Twitter pages #PancakesSouthend

Pictures courtesy of pixaby and are not indicative of actual products available.

Information correct at time of print. Please contact the corresponding businesses for t&c's and up to date information

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