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Street Rangers tender

Southend City BID Street Rangers have been a huge success since their introduction when the BID started 11 years ago. The tender to run this contract is now available to bid for so that we can ensure we are getting the best possible value for our levy payers and continue to provide this excellent service. See below.


Southend City BID is a successful Improvement District now in its third term. A key strength of its performance for the business community it serves are the daily patrols providing security and safety for shoppers, visitors and levy payers. The team of Street Rangers has been in operation since 2013 when the BID first began, and are crucial assets to help position Southend as a safe place to visit.

We are seeking submissions for a contractor to continue to undertake the employment and line management of the Street Ranger team. The contractor will operate under a service level agreement to achieve the BID’s ongoing objectives at least until the conclusion of the current term (31st March 2028). The strategic direction will be agreed with the BID Board and operational activity confirmed via the BID Manager based on the priorities set out in the business plan. Monthly contract meetings to ensure a smooth-running operation with reports on progress will be expected along with attending occasional operational meetings (30 minutes every 2 weeks) and staff 1-2-1 meetings.

There are four Street Rangers providing seven-day coverage, each on a 40-hour week with hourly rate of pay £12.63 (from 1/4/24). Operational timings vary during the year to reflect the changing patterns of the city. Patrols will range between 8am and 7pm and the contractor will be expected to ensure a consistent presence through the year with targeted activity agreed in advance on certain occasions when demand peaks – such as the Christmas trading period. Daily reports from the Rangers will need to be completed and provide an insight into their performance and furnish some of the BID’s Key Indicators.  

The information currently collected demonstrates the value of the Rangers’ interventions which is regularly reported to the board and includes: Responses to business requests, value of recovered stolen goods, first aid administered, enquiries from the public, interactions with ASB and begging, and unauthorised pitches in the High Street.

Working closely with Essex Police and Southend Council to address issues around business crime, the BID’s Street Rangers are the only team that maintain a continued focus on the levy payers’ area. While other agencies may have competing demands, the Rangers remain in the City Centre BID Zone and provide a vital front-line service in the battle to reduce business crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Street Rangers are all SIA licensed, first aid trained and have recently been CSAS accredited. They are provided with uniform and PPE from the BID along with radio equipment and body cameras.  

Submissions are welcomed to set out how your organisation would manage the team’s work, maintain the training and accreditations while demonstrating what difference you can bring to Southend to build on the success that has been developed over the last 11 years.

You submission will be measured on value for money, the approach to managing the team’s performance and development, ensuring continuity, succession planning, trust and reliability with partner organisations and maintaining the confidence of our levy paying businesses and the BID’s Directors.

The successful tender will operate under a contract to manage the team, liaise with the BID Manager regularly, ensure the Rangers are supported from an HR perspective and manage welfare, training  and development as well as performance management and disciplinary matters. With lone working not possible for much of the day-to-day patrols in these roles, a proactive approach to managing the best utilisation of rosters will be expected and a demonstration of how this value can be maximised will be important.

There are other BIDs being developed in the south Essex area which may present an opportunity to extend the contract to deliver their objectives if they are similarly aligned. An option to provide extended services is welcome in the submission with any information about how this might be delivered and what economies of scale could be derived for the parties.

The maximum budget available will be £147,000 per 12 month period. The current bid period concludes on 31 March 2028, however a further 5-year term will be balloted in 2027 and if successful again, the contract would be retendered to run from 1 April 2028.


To submit your proposal please email by 9am Tuesday 16th April 2024.


Proposals will be assessed against the criteria in this document and an invitation to present to the Southend BID may be required from the tenders received.



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