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Street Ranger Update

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Our Street Ranger team are instrumental in assisting with retail crime and anti-social behaviour in Southend town centre and across the seafront.

Working alongside partnership agencies of late, has resulted in a successful two-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) application against a prolific drug offender. This too, has been reported in the local press.

Over the past five years, a number of prolific rough sleepers, beggars and street drinkers have been issued with a CBO which prevents an individual from drinking alcohol or asking members of the public for money and in some cases, permits them to enter the town centre. This work is the direct result of the Street Rangers interacting with such persons, reporting incidents to Essex Police and key agencies and preventing this behaviour where possible.

In some situations, they have been directly involved with dispersing altercations, moving on beggars from BID businesses and preventing youth groups from causing anti-social behaviour.

Over the past year, the Street Rangers have contributed to the recovery of £25,000 worth of goods. With consistent reports of incidents made via DISC, convictions have been secured for a large number of these offenders. In addition, the Street Rangers assist BID businesses in the detention and identification of offenders, produce statements and attend court where required.

Knife crime is an increasingly prominent area of focus within the town centre for Essex Police - the Street Rangers have recovered various types of knives and tools. Most recently, whilst dealing with a female shop lifter, a search was made and an eight inch domestic blade was recovered from her handbag and handed to the police.

So far this year, the Street Rangers have dealt with over 720 offences - these include shop lifting, anti-social behaviour and rough sleeping.


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