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Southend BID are looking for Southend’s ‘shining star’ this Christmas.

As part of their festive offerings, Southend BID are looking for the town’s ‘shining star’ this Christmas; an individual who has done something incredible, be that for the community, a loved one or their own personal development. In doing so, Southend BID are celebrating selflessness, kindness and determination, highlighting an outstanding resident who proudly calls Southend-on-Sea home.

This ‘shining star’ campaign will not only bring the winner to our community’s attention; Southend BID will also be recognising every nominee, highlighting a number of exceptional locals this holiday season. Following a difficult year amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the Southend BID committee felt it was important to commemorate those who proactively contribute to our community and ‘do good’; this ‘shining star’ campaign will allow them to do just that.

Southend’s ‘shining star’ will be named at the launch party for Southend BID’s ‘Christmas in Southend’ events (taking place on the 20th November). The winner will subsequently receive a luxury Christmas hamper, whilst every nominee will receive a coveted spot on Southend BID’s ‘wall of fame’ on Southend high street.

Southend residents are welcome to nominate any individual they like for Southend BID’s meaningful ‘shining star’ award. The criteria is simple; this person must have simply done something admirable. To nominate a friend, family member or colleague, Southend residents are being asked to email (the team helping to organise this project) with the following information (deadline 1st November):

- Applicant’s name.

- Name of shining star nominee.

- Relationship to shining star.

- Why this person is being nominated.

- A sentence from the applicant to the nominee.

- An image of the nominee.

Discussing the importance of this ‘shining star’ award, Southend BID Manager, Suzanne Gloyne, says:

‘We are incredibly lucky to have a community that’s filled with amazing people who go above and beyond every single day; they support others, positively contribute to our town and set a wonderful example for young people. As the entire Southend BID team are passionate about showcasing everything that makes our town great, highlighting these individuals’ inspiring efforts felt particularly important.

The Covid-19 pandemic left many of us feeling isolated and lonely; we hope that this project will emphasise the strength of our community, bringing heart-warming stories to the public during a period of festive celebrations. We can all learn from these people, find inspiration in what they do and, most importantly, they prove that anything is possible and we can all achieve great things – we simply need the confidence and determination to make a positive change.’

Opening their ‘Christmas in Southend’ events with this shining star announcement felt like the perfect fit for Southend BID. The project reflects all that’s important about Christmas; the people you spend it with, loving one another and being a good person. As such, Suzanne Gloyne says: ‘Our shining star announcement will set these Christmas events off in an unforgettable, emotional and uplifting way, setting an important tone for the entire holiday season.’

More information regarding Southend BID’s ‘Christmas in Southend’ events will be issued in due course.


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