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Southend City BID Celebrates a Blooming Good Year

Southend City BID, in collaboration with its partners, proudly reflects on a year of significant accomplishments and community engagement, making Southend a thriving and safe city for residents and visitors alike.


BID Rangers Making a Difference


This year, Southend City BID Street Rangers have been instrumental in enhancing the city's appeal. Responding to nearly 4,000 visitor inquiries, they have also addressed 1,400 issues related to anti-social behaviour and thefts, successfully recovering stolen goods valued at £52,000. In challenging times, these efforts are crucial for businesses to flourish, while also acting as a deterrent to potential opportunists.

Collaborative Efforts for a Safer Southend


Southend City BID has actively collaborated with partners to create a safer environment, addressing issues like street drinking and youth anti-social behaviour. The Southend Night Time Economy Group, in particular, has developed a comprehensive document outlining resources and support available to businesses operating from 6 pm to 6 am.

This initiative, led by Southend City BID, involved collaboration with the Southend Town Centre Police Team, Southend-on-Sea City Council, Southend and Leigh PubWatch, and other organisations within the Night Time Economy Group.


Suzanne Gloyne, Southend City BID Manager, notes, "Southend has a great range of businesses offering a brilliant visitor experience in our night time economy, and we wanted to help highlight some of the services and support that is on offer to them if needed."


‘Clean for the King’: A Community Initiative


A key focus this year was the cleanliness of the High Street. Collaborative efforts with the council, local businesses, stakeholders, and community groups culminated in the "Clean for the King" event.


McDonald's manager, Daniel Beaumont, emphasized the importance of community involvement, saying, "It is particularly exciting to experience a historic event with the king’s coronation and, as such, we wanted to do something to help celebrate this joyous time and show Southend City looking its best."


Hosting and Supporting Vibrant Events


Southend City BID played a pivotal role in hosting and supporting major events, including the City Jam Street Art event, the Southend Film Festival, and Southend PRIDE. Their own successful events, such as Southend Cocktail Week, The Kings Coronation Trail, and the Southend Christmas Switch On, brought the community together and added vibrancy to the city.


Welcoming New Board Members and Bidding Farewell


The BID board welcomes new members Aras Ali and Joe Barnes, bringing fresh perspectives to the team. The departure of Mark Bartrip, one of Southend City’s longest-serving and founder members of the board, marks the end of an era after recently retiring. The newly appointed chair, George Bejko-Cowlbeck, acknowledges Mark's immense contribution, expressing gratitude on behalf of the entire board for his commitment to Southend.


George Bejko-Cowlbeck, the newly appointed chair, concludes, "Congratulations to the whole extended team and partners of Southend City BID. What a tremendous year it has been! I have huge boots to fill following my predecessor Mark – his passion for our city centre is immense – supporting businesses and enhancing the bid zone year on year."


About Southend City BID:

Southend City BID is committed to enhancing the vibrancy and safety of Southend-on-Sea, collaborating with partners to create a welcoming environment for businesses, residents, and visitors.


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