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Southend Business Against Crime Meeting - March 23

Many thanks to those attended the Business Against Crime meeting.

Minutes and Actions from the last meeting

· None

Southend City BID Crime and Safety Updates

· Street Ranger stats for December 22 - February 23: Visitor enquiries - 1,146, Business crime incidents - 452, Unlicensed events / buskers - 17, Rough sleeper engagement / begging incidents - 269, Anti-social behaviour - 411, First Aid - 2.

· Pleased to report that the forum, as a hub for the Street Rangers and a central city location, is housing one of the catastrophic bleed packs – more from James later on this.

· Night Time Economy pack – awaiting some updates from one source and will get a final draft completed and sent to businesses. Contains useful contacts for businesses, advice and information, and details on campaigns

· Organising a ‘crime session’ for businesses which will cover reporting incidents, the processes, outcomes, cyber-crime, and DISC use. What else would it be useful for businesses to hear about?

· Crime Deterrent project with top five hit premises and signage throughout the town. Successfully received in other towns.

· Southend was awarded the Purple Flag award for a tenth year in a row.

Southend Police Team Update

· Catastrophic Bleed Packs - provided to 8 locations in the city, in Southend these are at the King Pins, Park Inn, Moo Moo, The Forum, Adventure Inside. These were donated by Liam Taylor Legacy which was linked up through NTEG meetings.

· Arrests - 49 arrests since January meeting.

· CBOs - 5 offenders.

· Licensing visits - 20 and 1 venue reported for re-assessment.

· Trading standards – some venues selling e-liquids that were too powerful, one place closed down and several given warnings. Question raised about work with THC incidents as these have caused illness. Encouraged to email Sergeant if this is seen going on. Trading Standards have seen this THC/CBD become a problem.

· Test purchasing operations completed on a variety of issues including vape shops, hotel bookings for potentially vulnerable persons.

· Operation Union – planning and responded to higher footfall along seafront. 2 sergeant vacancies to specifically deal with April – October. Continuity, specific points of contact.

· Boots on the ground – next meeting in the forum on the 18th April.

· Question around getting a fine from a store as a result from theft but confirmed that this is not okay.

Community Safety Updates

· Business as usual, daily presence on and around high street.

· Good result with the an individual causing a big nuisance with aggressive begging, now received a Criminal Behaviour Order.

· One subject has received a PSPO fine for street drinking, bail conditions not to be on or around the high street.

· CBO has been breached that was issued to one aggressive male mentioned at the last meeting. More action being taken against him.

· 23 fixed penalty notices for ASB, prosecution files being completed as none paid.

· No admin support so more enforcement results in more people not in the zone as they are completing the files which take a lot of work.

· Working with Youth Offending on the nuisance youths. Seems to have worked however it’s also been colder weather.

· Rough sleeping – a lot more new faces, refusing to go back to their own areas to get help, still referring to HARP and getting action taken as well.


· Student perspective – lighting at night makes a massive impact on perceptions

· Forum – great playground zone but concerned it will become a hub in which families will end up avoiding. ACTION – Street Rangers to do quick sweep once leave in the morning to check no issues. CS/Police to add onto evening patrols.

· Thanks – police presence increased and noticed.

· Short Street – area of concern for college students from a report. Noted to increase reports and perhaps use of CCTV van if it becomes an ongoing issue.

· Easter holiday – preparing for an influx of activity.

· Night Time Economy Survey – really important to complete, spread the word to share your views.

Next meeting: Wednesday 24th March, 6.30pm. Email to attend or provide feedback.

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