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Southend Business Against Crime Meeting - January 23

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Many thanks to those attended the Business Against Crime meeting.

Minutes and Actions from the last meeting

· After DISC update, drive more to use the great tool at our disposal. ONGOING - Street Ranger team pushing businesses to upload issues, leaflet being created

· Ambassadors against hate crime - encouraged to get members to include some of their staff on this training to support the community. COMPLETE

· Incredibly important to get incidents logged on 101 or online for non-urgent situations. ONGOING

· Joint pressers, joint events for positive stories about our city and businesses. ONGOING

Southend City BID Crime and Safety Updates

· Street Ranger stats for April 22 – December 22: Visitor enquiries - 2,692, Business crime incidents - 1,110, Unlicensed events / buskers - 17, Rough sleeper engagement / begging incidents - 467, Anti-social behaviour - 1,005, First Aid - 29.

· Hate Crime training attended earlier this month with all the Street Ranger team an representatives from Primark, Utopia, Metro Bank, Star Amusements and New Look now trained. Presser issued on this.

· Reduced the cost of DISC use for non BID members to £60 per annum to encourage more businesses to collaborate for the benefit of Southend.

· Incident reporting card under creation which the Street Ranger team will carry and provide to businesses to encourage reporting. Highlighted the use of DISC and updating to help with the identification of offenders and assist with incident reporting.

· Monthly update from Business Crime team shared with the team to strongly encourage the reporting of ‘top five’ offenders – bringing more to justice.

· Plans to do a new campaign with the business crime team and schools to have children design posters with the focus on being

Southend Police Team Update

· Welcome to new Sergeant.

· Three shifts of 4/5 officers per day.

· Already tackling the high street’s main offenders

· Rejuvenation of operations to be implemented and refocussed upon. More info to come.

· Big push needed by all for the reporting of all crimes and incidents either by 101 or online to help with areas of focus and statistical analysis.

· Use of town link, staff safe and use of ranger/cs is not reported unless the business itself report to 101 or online.

Police Business Crime Division

· ALERT – communication service – works like/through Town-link.

· Community trigger plans - Targeting behaviour patterns.

· Junior school visits in place. Looking at poster involvement.

· Working on offences order – bringing the sufficient consequences to offenders. Ensuring all offences are collated together.

· Coming campaign – safer streets. Working together with police.

Community Safety Updates

· 10 prosecutions amongst Criminal Behaviour Orders handed out in a short space of time. Keen to address main offenders and be more visible.

· December was handled well by the team and was a fairly busy month as imagined.

· Community involvement week.


· DISC use encourage.

· Concern over begging/rough sleepers being more prevalent lately.

· Two individuals highlighted as recent nuisance in high street

Next meeting: Wednesday 29th March, 6.30pm. Email to attend or provide feedback.


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