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Southend BID’s proposal for 10 firework displays this autumn are approved.

Southend BID’s proposal for 10 upcoming firework displays has been approved; these events will take place throughout the autumn, running from Saturday 2nd October – Saturday 4th December along Southend’s seafront.

Southend’s firework spectaculars have been attracting locals and visitors alike since 1996; for 15 years they have proven to be a renowned part of Southend’s identity, becoming go-to events throughout every autumn season. As such, local vendors have come to depend on the income these displays help to generate; they make all the difference for nearby businesses – particularly those situated along the town’s coastline.

As restrictions have now been lifted, Southend BID are committed to supporting local businesses’ post-pandemic recovery. When considering how best they could do this, extending Southend’s firework season was an obvious choice; they knew that amplifying the events’ success would be a welcomed investment among local vendors. With that, Southend BID applied for 10 proposed firework displays – 3 more than are usually held, with the extra dates being funded through the Government’s Welcome Back Fund. Now, Southend council have approved this proposal, confirming Southend BID’s exciting autumn events.

Discussing this news and the significance of the firework displays for Southend-on-Sea, Essex Police’s Southend Town Centre Team Sergeant, James Mint, says:

“I’m delighted that Southend’s regular firework displays are resuming this year, in a plan that has been carefully considered by police and partners at our regular Safety Advisory Group meetings. These are fantastic community events that really highlight our town (literally) and we’re confident they can be staged in a safe manner for everyone’s enjoyment.”

Meanwhile, Suzanne Gloyne, Southend BID Manager, has shared her excitement whilst mirroring James’ commitment to hosting these events safely and considerately:

“Southend’s firework displays are popular every year, we were devastated that due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions we were unable to host them in 2020. However, the safety of attendees and Southend’s residents is always our top priority.

Now that restrictions have eased, we are thrilled that we can once again oversee Southend’s iconic firework displays; they support local businesses massively and after a challenging year, we know they’ll make a lasting impact. Furthermore, we are elated to be hosting more displays than ever before; we hope this will provide vendors with a sense of security and support, whilst bringing even more joy to those who watch our displays.”

Whilst Southend BID are working proactively to host exciting and beautiful firework displays, the protection of Southend’s seafront remains of paramount importance. Southend BID’s Street Rangers will be monitoring the area after each event, reporting waste where necessary, and biodegradable fireworks are being used. Southend BID also encourage visitors to act responsibly,

putting their rubbish in the bin or taking it home with them and utilising public transport where possible whilst being considerate of local residents.

Suzanne emphasises: “These events are being held to support the Southend community and create a fun, celebratory atmosphere; for everyone to enjoy them, those who attend must be considerate of our environment, residents who live nearby and ongoing concerns surrounding Covid-19. I would urge everyone attending to be patient, take their rubbish home with them and generally respect Southend’s sea front – as I’m sure they will.”

Attendees are encouraged to wear face coverings in more crowded spaces and to not attend any of the events if they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19.

Southend’s firework displays are free to attend. To find out more and keep up to date on the displays you can head to Visit Southend’s social media platforms or where you can also find suggested travel routes.


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