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Southend BID place floral hanging baskets throughout the town for the eighth year

On Thursday 10th June Southend BID installed 177 floral baskets throughout Southend-on-Sea’s High Street and side streets. These baskets now adorn lamp columns and feature an array of colourful plants, bringing exquisite vibrancy to our costal town. Staying up until mid-October, these arrangements will undoubtedly help to position Southend-on-Sea as a picturesque ‘staycation’ spot, something which continues to be a top priority for Southend BID.

This year, Southend BID have partnered with Amethyst Horticulture, a nursery supplier that have been producing in excess of four million plants per year since 2012, to expand the diversity of their annual hanging arrangements. This is the eighth year that Southend BID have used flowers to revitalise Southend’s High Street and Amethyst Horticulture have been a welcomed addition to the project. Celebrating the natural beauty of our coastal town, these baskets have brightened the area just in time for summer.

Southend BID chose to partner with Amethyst Horticulture due to their fantastic reputation. Discussing their excitement for the project, Amethyst Horticulture’s Company Director, Alison Fox, has said:

‘’Amethyst Horticulture is delighted to be supplying Southend BID with floral displays this summer. Working together to support our community after what has been a difficult time for us all is so important and we hope that the visual impact of our displays will lift people’s moods, having a positive impact on all that see them. The baskets will bring cheerful colour and vibrancy and are a great way to enhance the town’s landscape for both residents and visitors alike.

Meanwhile, our ‘self-watering baskets’ each have an integral reservoir, reducing the frequency of watering visits to twice per week even in the warmest of weather and have been designed to sustain the most impressive of displays for the entire season.’’

Meanwhile, Southend BID Manager, Suzanne Gloyne, has said:

“We’re delighted to bring back our flower arrangements again this year. We’ve been organising them annually since our inception and Southend BID always receive a wonderful, warm response from the public. This year, embracing Amethyst Horticulture’s plants was an exciting and welcomed change; they’ve connected us with beautiful plants that have made for a truly breath-taking display throughout Southend-on-Sea.

We hope that Southend locals and tourists alike will enjoy the hanging baskets this summer, soaking up their natural beauty and the wonderful work of Amethyst Horticulture.”

Southend BID’s hanging basket display has been created to not only enhance the town’s High Street, but furthermore amplify interest in visiting Southend-on-Sea, ensuring it continues to be a beautiful, intriguing destination with a well-maintained, historic landscape. In doing so, Southend BID’s hanging baskets enhance local businesses’ footfalls, making this a project that benefits the success and wellbeing of Southend-based entrepreneurs.

Discussing the hanging baskets and why they’re a welcomed addition to the town each year, Zelda Bibby, committee member of Southend BID and Manager at Yours Clothing in Southend High Street says:

“These baskets have become recognisable among the Southend community; they brighten up our High Street and emphasise the town’s commitment to nature. We as a business feel that they simultaneously brighten our customers’ days and, as a result, their experiences whilst visiting Southend-on-Sea – as a business, this is of course very important to us. We always look forward to the hanging of these baskets and this year has certainly been no different, Southend BID and Amethyst Horticulture have done a fantastic job.”

Southend BID are incredibly proud to have once again brought an uplifting and inspiring flower display to Southend-on-Sea especially as this was not possible for 2020. They look forward to seeing the display invoke happiness and delight in those who see it and are confident in the baskets’ ability to enrich the town’s architecture.


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