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Southend BID collaborate with local artists to create art mural for The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Southend BID are honoured to have worked alongside talented local artists over recent weeks, creating a powerful mural for The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Now on display in Southend High Street, this mural has been designed to raise vital awareness surrounding the Russian invasion. In turn, Southend BID hope to generate invaluable donations from members of the local community through a QR code which features in the mural itself.

As countless Ukrainian nationals have impacted by Russia’s invasion, and with the war continuing to cause widespread ruin, it remains clear that donations to The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal are desperately needed, so as to support the projected 18 million people affected by the conflict. With this in mind, Southend BID’s committee has been determined to show the city’s support; as a community that’s filled with so many talented artists, harnessing their skills felt like a particularly fitting approach. Now, an important piece of artwork – and its poignant message – is visible for all to see in Southend High Street.

Southend BID sourced the talents of local artists Dorota Macelko and John Bulley for this project. Dorota is a Polish fine art student from the University of Essex who has personal experience with the cause, with many of her friends and family being directly affected. For Dorota, John, and the wider Southend BID team, using art to highlight the immediacy of this issue and help make vital change has been a privilege.

Discussing Southend BID’s decision to work alongside local artists and create a powerful mural, Southend BID Manager Ashley Oglina-Beecham has said:

‘The war in Ukraine is horrific and we want to do anything we can to support those in need. As a community, we’re known for our creativity and artistry, so using this strength to raise awareness felt right.

We are delighted that Dorota and John were willing to be involved with this project. They have created a wonderful piece of artwork which grabs attention, having a lasting impact on every passer-by. As we’re hoping to inspire locals to donate to the cause, it’s most definitely fulfilling its purpose.’

Meanwhile, Dorota Macelko has said:

‘Knowing that, in Ukraine, so many people are dying as a result of Russian aggression, we simply cannot stay silent. Whilst painting Ukraine’s mural, many passing by were thanking me for my work and I am proud to show my support in this way.’

Beside the mural is a plaque and QR Code appealing for direct donations to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Southend BID would like to sincerely thank all those that have shown their support to the people of Ukraine and implore the community to make a donation if they can.


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