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Southend Business Against Crime virtual meeting - 26th January 2021

Many thanks to those attended the Business Against Crime meeting on 26 January 2021.

Minutes and Actions from the last meeting · Late night retailing in December - not widely taken up and then restrictions came into force.

· Q&A sessions with Federation of Small Businesses and Essex Chambers of Commerce – (update given post meeting) limited attendance but those that did found it useful, improvements can be made once the pandemic is over.

· Crime Prevention Booklet launch – (update given post meeting) thought it is best to hold off the booklet and campaign until businesses return to some normality and have a proper launch.

· Disruption activity on ASB ring leaders – detail provided in update from Community Safety.

BID Crime and Safety Updates · November – December Stats (% change to same period last year):

-349 visitor enquiries (-25%)

-170 business crime assists (-41%)

-88 ASB incidents (-55%)

-46% / £1,132 recovery of stolen goods (62% / £6,018)

· Saw some large value thefts in December (£700 and £956) that the goods were not recovered.

· Two particularly successful team work instances this January – one pair were detained for thefts of £210 across multiples stores, and the recovery of £3,150 worth of gift cards from one store.

· Street Ranger team experienced a rise in rough sleeper / begging engagements in November/December which is up 108% in that period versus previous year.

-Less footfall due to restrictions is consolidating these incidents into a shorter period as

April – December this engagement figure is actually 38% down.

· New project with Alex on the Business Crime Unit to target top theft offenders on DISC.

· It is advised to log on to DISC regularly in order to get latest news, events and updates alongside incident details.

· Street Ranger Wayne has now left the team – still maintaining same coverage of two ranger shifts per day as we have throughout the year. Police Update · New shift pattern

-Whole team (1 Sgt and 7 PCs) on a unified shift pattern

-This means there is more of the team working at once, better presence and can cover

bigger jobs.

-Community Policing Team will cover whenever they are not on

· Specials do have a new team but start date is to be confirmed imminently.

· Project Servator

-Delayed from 21st December as project name owner by London and therefore

everything has to be checked – current situation meant it was best to focus on this later

· Knife Arch operation in town for four hours in January

-For community engagement but also gets results e.g. searches and e-scooters seized

· Great offender results

-One prolific repeat offender is now serving 28 days and getting the help they need

-Excellent BID team work with identifying and supporting police earlier this month in an

occasion in which two individuals hit several stores – charged and being prosecuted.

-5 charges are coming through from one induvial who has repeatedly offended in the

high street


-Still the 4 E’s but more focus now on enforcing – everyone knows the rules so there is

no excuse

· Question was asked about the ‘Great Reopening Rebellion’ which is a social media movement due this Saturday. No intelligence about this occurring specifically in Southend but there will be cover on to support if necessary. BCU Update · Apologies sent- updates on actions (above) giving post meeting.

Community Safety (CS) Team Update · CCTV request – when turning on radios please remember to sign on so the team knows who is open and available.

· ASB ring leaders - Key faces causing particular issues

-Activity of disrupting, enforcing and great partnership working has resulted in this issue

being resolved

-Perfect example of receiving fast information and working collaboratively


-A lot of work is reactionary as through different lockdowns the public and business

reactions have been very different

-Have funding for extra officers to assist with COVID enforcement issues – still focusing

on hot spots and high street with higher footfall

-Working with the COVID ambassadors to assist with the regulations with public and


-A lot of direct work with supermarkets to help with those not complying e.g. no


· New business support officer which will enable the officers to be in the office less

· A few prosecutions now going through due to breaches from ASB legislations or PSPOs

· Curbing cycling on the high street is moving along with signage and comms imminent to stop individuals cycling on the high streets. There will be a process of engagement and education before enforcement (similar to Police 4 Es) but will enable CS team to issue fixed penalty notices to persistent offenders. Will eventually move this enforcement power across the borough. Street Pastors Update · Apologies sent but updates given post meeting...

-Team are doing Saturday afternoon patrols (subject to volunteer availability) mainly in

the parks, but we do try and patrol Hamlet Court Road once a month.

-With the current lockdown restrictions there is not a team out on Friday nights. COVID · Aside from updates given above, reiterated that new single form has been created for all business grant applications: review and apply here.

· As more details are released around the easing of restrictions this will be shared with BID levy payers. A.O.B · New Interim Town Centre Projects Manager at the council – responsible for coordinating the spend of the Local Growth Fund and projects such as wayfinding, shop fronts grant, footfall cameras and more. BID working closely with the manager on this.

· Stambridge updated that security staff are getting vaccinated and any CS/BID front line workers can be added to their list if not already. Was confirmed by BID that Street Ranger and CS teams were added to the priority list of vaccinations last week. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please email Next meeting: Tuesday 30 March 2021, 6pm. Email to attend.


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