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Safety and security paramount to Southend BID

On Tuesday 29th November, Southend Borough Council met with Essex Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner, Public Protection and local business leaders from the seafront traders association, Stockvale and HARP, in aid of central Southend’s recent crime.

Southend BID’s chair and Manager at Royals Shopping Center, Dawn Jeakings confirmed that safety and security was paramount in the delivery of the BID – delivering the number one priority for the BID, according to our survey. Dawn explains: “People have to feel safe or they will stay away from Southend, which would be incredibly harmful to the local economy. It was immensely helpful to get all stakeholders together to talk about these issues and discuss solutions that work for all as working in partnership is the only way we will be able to address these issues.”

Working consistently and closely alongside policing and authorities and bringing these together, ensures the affecting issues are arisen and discussed coherently. This not only means they can continue to work successfully but also resolve arising issues, as well as decipher the relevant action to be taken in the future – a detrimental part in the monitoring and improvement of Southend.


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