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Past Successes and Exciting Future Plans

Southend City BID proudly announces the completion of the first six months of its new third term, highlighting a legacy of achievements and unveiling ambitious plans for the future. This significant milestone reflects the dedication of the BID to create a thriving and vibrant community for all.

The BID owes its accomplishments to the collaborative spirit of its founding members, Dawn Jeakings, Mark Bartrip, and Dennis Baldry, whose tireless efforts have paved the way for progress. While Dawn, a key figure in our journey, has retired from her role, her impact resonates throughout our endeavours. All three founding members have been remarkable in their contributions have left an indelible mark.

One of the cornerstones of the BID’s success has been the Street Ranger team, which has not only extended a warm welcome to all but has also played a pivotal role in recovering stolen goods and offering unwavering support to both visitors and businesses. This commitment to safety and well-being remains at the heart of the BID’s mission.

Throughout the years, Southend city has come alive with a tapestry of events that celebrate the areas’ cultural diversity and community spirit. From the Italian Festival to the Southend Festival, the Christmas switch-on to the exuberant Chinese New Year celebrations, Cocktail Week, City Jam sponsorship, and Luminocity sponsorship – each event has contributed to the vibrant identity of Southend City.

The Keeping Together wristband scheme has exemplified the commitment to unity, offering a tangible symbol of solidarity and most importantly safety. Streetscape improvements, including the charming floral basket displays, festive bunting, and enchanting Christmas lighting, have transformed our streets into captivating spaces that mirror the vibrancy within the community.

The dedication to safety and collaboration is further underscored by the Southend Business Against Crime meetings, where stakeholders unite to create a more secure environment for all. The resounding success of the recent ballot, with an astounding 86% of businesses in favour, reflects the work the team do and of course the unwavering support and enthusiasm of our business community.

As the team look toward the future, the challenges of rising costs and shifting landscapes on High Streets across the country compel us to innovate and adapt. The BID’s third term is marked by a renewed commitment to progress and community-building.

Among the exciting plans are the recent release of the Night Time Economy information pack, a stepping stone towards a vibrant nightlife. The team are also forging a collaborative partnership to develop a Night Time Economy Charter, shaping a secure and dynamic after-dark experience.

In a bid to enhance the city experience, the team are thrilled to unveil a new City Centre Map and a fresh Christmas lighting scheme this year. The commitment to supporting events within the centre remains steadfast, breathing life into the community. Safety remains paramount, and the team are embarking on trials for a new crime reduction system and with one of the initiatives being the recent Safer Business Action Day.

Quarterly Retail Meetings serve as platforms for mutual growth and exchange, while the planned Donation Stations initiative amplifies the spirit of giving back. Management at Southend City BID extend an open invitation to all BID business members to join them on the three new advisory committees in shaping the future.

Recently appointed Chair of Southend City BID George Bejko-Cowlbeck of Caddies Golf says "In this era of transformation and growth, we are excited to build upon the foundations laid by our predecessors whose commitment and vision have been instrumental in steering us towards success. Southend City BID is not just a name – it’s a testament to what collaboration, dedication and shared vision can achieve. – I personally, am excited to now be a part of this ever evolving journey"

Suzanne Gloyne – Southend City Bid Manager adds "Southend City BID's success is a testament to the power of unity and community engagement. With our new chair at the helm, we stride into the future with confidence - We invite BID businesses to be a part of this inspiring journey for more information on how to get involved and help shape the future of Southend City BID please do feel free to email us: Your voices matter, and we eagerly anticipate your continued involvement"


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