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Homeless Campaign in association with HARP

On Thursday 10th August, Southend BID launched its educational campaign

in partnership with Southend’s homeless charity, HARP, alongside a printed

educational booklet.

Targeted at members of the public in how they can best help with homelessness in Southend, the brochure includes tear-off vouchers for use at HARP in order to encourage service user engagement. The guides will be distributed throughout the town centre and can be downloaded here.

Attended by other local organisations, charities and politicians, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Essex Police and the Southend BID directors, the event ran extremely well and was successful in engaging with members of the public and providing an education as to how the problem with rough sleeping can be made larger if their help is not offered in the correct way. It was reported that, in Britain, homelessness is expected to rise by 76% by 2026. So, the timely campaign is a substantial step forward in talking about such a prominent issue here in Southend.


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