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Crime Prevention Tips for Premises Closures

Following the Government's advice for us all to social distance where possible we are seeing, and will continue to see, the temporary closure of venues/premises around Southend and the rest of the country. With this in mind we wanted to relay the latest crime prevention tips that have been given by the Metropolitan Police Crime Hub about protecting your premises should you need to close.

  • Test your alarm, ensure it is monitored and fully operational.

  • Identify any vulnerable areas. Rectify these.

  • Ensure security gates, bollards and fire exit doors have been secured prior to closure of the premises.

  • Ensure service doors are closed and locked when not in use.

  • Make sure you have list of key holders who can be contacted in times of emergency.

  • Ensure your contact details for staff are up to date.

  • Consider moving high value items into secured stockrooms and out of view.

  • Ensure keys to the premises or other venues are not left inside and are instead with dedicated key holders.

  • Consider timer switches or ensure sufficient lighting is left on at the premises/surrounding area.

  • Ensure there are no combustible materials left in the proximity of the building such as packaging - consider the risk of arson.

  • Review your CCTV to confirm it is operational, provides good quality images and is positioned to cover as much of the stores public and private areas. You may wish to consider a mobile phone app that allows connectivity and a vocal capacity to engage with any intruder.

  • Ensure that no cash is retained on the premises overnight (leave a note on the door stating that no cash or valuables are kept overnight) or store then in a security accredited safe bolted to the floor.

Our BID Street Rangers will still be patrolling the BID zone and working with our partners to provide high visibility throughout this period.


Please tag us on social media with your info on:

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  2. new delivery / pick up options you're offering

  3. closures or reduced opening hours

We'll retweet for you to help spread the word at this difficult time.


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