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Southend City BID celebrate a successful 2022

As Christmas nears ever closer, Southend City BID are delighted to be reflecting on a positive and uplifting 2022. The year has been filled with successful projects and unforgettable events, whilst the committee are thrilled to have been successfully re-elected for a third term (commencing April 2023). For Southend City BID, this reflects their hard work and makes its future projects all the more exciting.

In January 2022, Southend City BID’s year began with Chinese New Year celebrations throughout the City. A range of performers, activities, and authentic Chinese delicacies filled the area, celebrating the countless traditions that encompass this event. February was then illuminated by the LuminoCity festival of light – something which visitors thoroughly enjoyed.

In April, Southend City BID worked with local artists to create a beautiful and meaningful Ukrainian mural. This encouraged locals to donate and support those in need. Then, May marked the beginning of Southend City BID’s Platinum Jubilee Trail in celebration of the Queen; families could collect a map and explore different locations throughout the city, being entered into a prize draw after finishing the route.

During September, Southend City BID was a headline sponsor of Southend City Jam 2022, a street art festival featuring over 100 local, national, and internationally acclaimed artists. This was received fantastically by the community who loved seeing the City be adorned with wonderful artwork and legacy artwork from the event can be seen daily throughout the area.

As autumn continued into October, Southend City BID’s renowned fireworks began; spectacular shows lit the seafront for seven consecutive weeks and were a hit with visitors and businesses, drawing large audiences for every display.

In November, Southend City BID’s big Christmas switch-on was another roaring success for the city. Throughout the day performances were held by a range of talented local groups, including The Music Man Project, making for a truly magical and festive day.

Finally, December is an exciting month for Southend City BID as various events will continue until the New Year. Their virtual character trail and art trail, for example, will be available for visitors to enjoy whilst they soak up festivities throughout the City. As always, hosting family-friendly activities is of the utmost importance to Southend City BID.

Throughout 2022 Southend City BID have passionately supported businesses and the police in tackling anti-social behaviour and crime locally through their dedicated Street Ranger team, management of the DISC crime reduction system, partnership working with a range of services in the city and by hosting regular Southend Business Against Crime meetings to bring businesses and services together. Meanwhile, they have consistently decorated the City, be that with flowers and bunting in the spring or Christmas lights and tree this winter,.

Southend City BID Street Ranger Andrew , says:

‘I have now been a Street Ranger for nearly ten years and I thoroughly enjoy the role. I love working alongside the public and 2022 has been a challenging but great year; I always particularly enjoyed the switch-on event and was pleased to see it return.

We areon hand for members of the public and businesses, 7 days a week throughout the year and were really pleased to see our hard work is welcomed through the positive result of the ballot earlier this year. Thank you to our businesses for your support and we’ll continue to be here to help where we can.’

The value of this hard work can be seen in Southend City BID’s re-election for a third term. BID businesses voted an overwhelming ‘Yes’ to the BID continuing its efforts for another five years – beginning in April 2023. Clearly their projects do indeed enrich the City, supporting local businesses and the community.

Southend City BID Manager Suzanne Gloyne comments:

‘2022 has been a fantastic year for Southend City BID. We have hosted brilliant events from January until December and received wonderful responses from the public; every celebration and project has been warmly received and we couldn’t be more delighted.

Now, we look forward to continuing our work throughout 2023 and beyond. Our vision continues to centre around protecting and enhancing Southend; we will do all that we can to support BID businesses, position our City as a sought-after destination, and, in turn, ensure its continued growth. We encourage BID businesses to get involved in the BID and I look forward to continue working with, and for, you all.’

Meanwhile, Aras Ali owner of Arastocutz, Cut U Up and other businesses in the city says of Southend City BID:

‘We are thrilled to continue working with Southend City BID, they always exceed our expectations and work tirelessly to attract visitors and showcase everything that’s great about the City. As a business, that’s invaluable! We rely on footfall and of course prioritise addressing anti-social behaviour and crime, especially in the High Street. Southend City BID are a huge reassurance to us as their Street Rangers and other projects help to do just that.’

For more information about Southend City BID and their upcoming events, visit

City Jam image curtesy of Southend City Council Culture and Tourism Department.


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