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Bollards and SUNRISE updates


Please see the plans for the bollards project across the zone from the council. These are indicative and may be changed slightly as site conditions dictate.

Seafront Protection 2021
Download PDF • 255KB
High Street Protection 2021
Download PDF • 1.00MB

The blocks on the seafront have been finished this week in terms of install which will shortly be followed by the fitting of some blocks with planters, benches and armrests. All blocks having anti-skate studs in due course.

These seafront blocks are only an initial temporary measure whilst the bigger CityBeach2 project is being designed. Before this moves forward Southend BID businesses will be consulted.

Phase 1 of the High Street bollards is almost complete which is from London Road to Tylers Avenue. Phase 2, Tylers to Pier Hill, will happen after completion of phase 1.

Should you have any questions on the scheme please contact


The SUNRISE project (London Road and Victoria Circus works) are experiencing a number of material delays due to the knock-on impact of COVID/Brexit etc. The feature stone is planned to be in place for Mid-October which will finish the majority of the paving works in Victoria Circus. There are then some remedial works to fix and then adjusting the street lighting and street furniture when it arrives.

Should you have any questions on the scheme please contact


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