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Big Screen Advert - Christmas Lights Switch On

Updated: Aug 26, 2020


As we prepare to turn on our Christmas lights we are inviting local businesses to join the fun by placing their adverts up on the big screen. This will be a huge screen (4 x 2.3 metres) right next to the main stage at The Victoria end of the High Street, and your company could be up there for all the public to see.

To place your ad on the screen you have three options:

1. up to 6 images or video clip £600.00 plus VAT

2. up to 3 images or video clip £400.00 plus VAT

3. 1 slide or video clip £200.00 plus VAT

The screen will show a continuous loop from 10am to 4.30pm leading up to the big acts of the day. A 15 – 20 minute cycle, giving you the possibility of up to 16 screenings of your ad and the chance to be seen by a huge audience.

NEW FOR 2019!

In addition to the screen event, Southend BID are delighted to offer an addition to the sponsorship package. If you take more than one slide you will feature on Visit Southend’s main page of their website during the festive period (1st November to the beginning of January 2020)

This will be one of your chosen slides featuring on an image slider on their hugely popular site- which during this season attracts between 90-120k visitors each month!

All images and clips to be received by Thursday 10th November at the latest. Images and logos must be provided using the power-point template which will be provided. Alternatively, please provide images ready to use, tech specs to be given on confirmation.

Whether it’s a simple ‘Happy Christmas from…’, a review of your year, or a direct advert- the content is up to you.

If you are interested in any of our amazing sponsorship packages please email Natalie - on behalf of Southend BID or call 07779990786 for more information.


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