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Last updated: 29/09/2020



The following information has been provided so that businesses in Southend-on-Sea are prepared in the event of a local outbreak and the potential temporary business closures that may follow.

The Local Outbreak Control Plan for Southend-on-Sea can be found HERE and it provides details on how we will prevent and manage a coronavirus outbreak in our town.

If an outbreak occurs in your premises please ensure you immediately call 0300 303 8537 and select Option 1.

Action Cards

Action Cards have been developed by the Government which are designed to be printed or downloaded to keep on-hand in your business or organisation. The following are some examples of this: 

  • Residential (hotels, other guest accommodation, etc) - click HERE

  • Small & large gatherings (attractions, entertainment resorts, etc) - click HERE

  • Other (shops, restaurants, bars, barbers, beauticians, etc) - click HERE

More action cards can be found HERE.

If an outbreak occurs in your premises please ensure you immediately call 0300 303 8537 and select Option 1. This will trigger an immediate response from both East of England Health Protection Team and Southend Borough Council.

continuity plans

If there should be a positive case of Covid- 19 within your business - what are your contingency plans?

Should a member of your staff or a customer test positive for Covid-19 you need to be prepared and to think about how you would respond and subsequently manage your business. 

Consider the following as part of your business continuity plans:- 

  • If a member of staff (or customer) tested positive this may mean several others would be required to self-isolate if they had been in close contact. 

    • You could lose a number of your work force for a period of at least 7 to 14 days.  How would you manage this?

    • Think about key roles with who and how they interact.  E.g if a waitress, the chef, delivery driver or possibly a customer was a positive case what would be the outcome to your business?   What is your back up? Should you limit contact between key individuals?

    • Would you need to recruit?

    • How would you cover the period of absence?

    • Would you need to close? 


  • Are members of your staff in close contact with each other or customers?  

    • Do they spend time face to face under 1 metre apart? 

    • Do they spend more than 15 minutes together 1 -2 metres apart?

    • Could this be avoided to minimise the impact of a positive case on your business?

    • Are your staff acting safely in their free time?  Have you checked if they are adhering to social distancing rules when they are not at work?  Are they putting your business at risk?




  • If you needed to close what things would you need to do to ensure your premises were secure and remained hygienic?

    • How would you address incoming or outgoing deliveries and orders?

    • Would you need to contact your customer base to advise of a closure or service delays?

    • How would you manage this? 

    • For food businesses this guidance is available HERE  


  • When would it be safe for staff members to return to work?

By having an effective risk assessment and being prepared for contingencies in the event of a potential case you will be in a better position to protect your business and potentially avoid closure.

For further information or advice please contact Environmental Health on 01702 215005,  environmentalhealth@southend.gov.uk  or Economic Development on 01702215022 or economicd@southend.gov.uk

test and trace 

Please visit the test and trace section of the Southend Borough Council website for the latest national and local data: www.southend.gov.uk/testandtrace

A walk-through coronavirus testing facility has been opened by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) at Short Street Car Park in Southend-on-Sea, as part of the Government’s UK-wide drive to improve the accessibility of coronavirus testing for communities.

Anyone with coronavirus symptoms, however mild, can get a free swab test that takes less than a minute. Tests should be booked or ordered as soon as symptoms begin at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus or by calling 119 and you can expect your result the next day.

It is vital that anyone who has tested positive for the virus completely self isolates for at least 10 days to protect others and to stop the spread of the virus.

Anyone living with someone who has the symptoms or has tested positive for coronavirus will need to self isolate for 14 days from the day the person in their home or support bubble first has symptoms, even if their symptoms do not start until after they have had a positive test result.

Employees are eligible to receive statutory sick pay for 10 days from the day they tell their employer. Those who have to self-isolate because they live with someone with symptoms or have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace can get at least 14 days statutory sick pay.

In both cases they may need to send their employer an isolation note to prove they need to stay off work.

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